How To Groom A Cocker Spaniel

One of the major reasons why the Cocker Spaniel has become a popular pet among households in the US is their flowing and beautiful coat. As an owner of a Cocker Spaniel, it’s important for you to follow grooming guidelines to keep the coat healthy and attractive.

You will need to follow a multi-step and extensive process when it comes to grooming a Cocker Spaniel. Keep reading this post to get easy care tips. At the same time, we will share with you the best dog clippers for Cocker Spaniels.

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel 


In order to brush your pet, you need time and regular devotion. If you give your pet routine brushing, you can keep his hair clean and tangle-free. This also helps to keep your pet’s skin healthy thanks to stimulating blood flow, distributing natural oils, as well as removing dead hair.

It’s essential to brush your Cocker Spaniel several times per week if you can’t do it daily. In order to brush your Cocker Spaniel, you need to use a liquid detangler for stubborn tangles or mats. Also, you can use baby oil for this. Next, smooth the coat by using a brush or combination comb.


In terms of bathing, it’s important to do this once every three months. However, you will need to do it more often if you have dogs with silky coats. Before bathing, you need to take your time to brush your pet to eliminate any dead hair or matting. Next, put a rubber mat in the tub in order to offer secure footing as well as fill the tub with three to four inches of lukewarm water.

Here are the main steps to bathe:

  • Wet your furry friend by using a spray hose or an unbreakable cup. Don’t let his eyes, ears, and nose get water.
  • Apply shampoo and massage in your dog. It’s a good idea to save the head for last.
  • Rinse thoroughly right now. It’s best to begin with, the head to avoid soap dripping into the eyes.
  • Then, use a towel to dry him.

Hair Clipping

If you want to reduce the chances of matting, tangles, as well as the infestation of fleas to lessen the risk of canine skin rashes and infections, it’s important to clip your pet’s coat. You need to do this task regularly.

First, you need to take your pet for a short walk. This purposes to calm him down. Don’t forget to thoroughly brush the coat in order to eliminate tangles and mats before trimming.

Here are the main steps to clip hair:

  • To get the desired length, you should use clippers and choose the right clip attachment. They will help to trim excess fur off your pet’s body. It’s a good idea to begin with the shoulders and progress towards the tail.
  • Then, use a trimmer in order to out areas around your pet’s paws, tail, chest, and sanitary areas if needed.
  • You should groom your pet’s head and face last. Remember to away from the eyes and nose.

Top Best Dog Clippers for Cocker Spaniels

  1. Wahl 9766 Lithium Ion Pro Series

This is a good clipper for your pet since it operates super quietly. Therefore, you won’t worry about your Cocker being scared. Also, there won’t be any hassle of a cord when using.

It comes with the storage case, comb, four color-coded guards, and scissors, so it ensures to give you everything you need for grooming at home. As a pet owner, you should invest in additional blades with this one. Then, you can get the extra sizes in order to get the entire body groomed to perfection.

However, this unit requires you to stop frequently in order to keep the blades from overheating. Otherwise, they can burn your pet.

  1. Wahl 9590-210 Pro-Series Complete Pet Clipper Kit

With the Wahl 9590-210, you can freely move it without any problem of a cord. It comes with the self-sharpening blades, so you haven’t to worry about the chance of pulling on the fur during a grooming process.

In addition to the clipper and the rechargeable unit, it is also equipped with a single blade guard, cleaning oil, cleaning brush, storage case, four guides, comb, scissors, and instructional DVD. That’s why it’s ideal for those who are beginners with less grooming experience.

You may need to buy additional guides if you want to groom your pet properly from head to toe. Sure, you will get all the power you need for cutting through even the thickest of hair.

We recommend you to keep some cooling spray on hand. They purpose to keep the blades from getting too hot. It’s a good idea to place the hot blade on another metal surface in order to cool it.

  1. Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

This clipper comes in two speed motor. One operates at 3000 strokes per minute on low, and another one runs at 4000 strokes per minute on high. It is equipped with a standard number 10 blade. Therefore, you will have to buy additional blades separately to offer your furry friend the right grooming.

It has detachable blades, so it’s not hard to change them. There are also a blade guard, grease, blade oil, and a cleaning brush. This is a corded model, so there won’t be much room so as to maneuver during grooming.

If you want to help the blades cooldown during the grooming session, you can consider buying cooling spray separately. Plus, the device can run quieter because of its cooler running unit.

  1. Andis Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit

This model allows you to use it longer while you haven’t to concern about risking a burn to your pet. You will have to stop and check the blade temperature regularly.

This product is equipped with a number 10 blade and four attachment combs. You may need additional blades and combs in order to meet professional grooming standards for a Cocker Spaniel.

You can use the kit safely on your pet paws, tail, ears, and face. If you are looking for a clipper for your sensitive pets, don’t miss it since it comes with a quiet motor. It also has an instructional DVD that is ideal for pet owners who don’t have much grooming experience.

This clipper is also suitable for a grooming pro because it is compatible with both UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades. Therefore, it ensures to offer you a wide choice of options.

  1. Andis Single Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

This model is designed to be able to stay cool without using vents and fans. It is designed with a virtually unbreakable housing. Also, it includes a 14’ strong cord. It has a powerful motor with a blade speed of 2,700 SPM.

It is fitted with a locking switch. This feature helps to avoid accidental shut off during grooming. Moreover, it is packed with a detachable #10 blade. It can work with CeramicEdge, ShowEdge, UltraEdge for added versatility.

This unit allows you to cut through thick coats with ease. It comes with cool-running technology. However, it has small teeth. Plus, it can get very hot. So, you will need to stop to cool its blades often.


As you know, it’s not easy to manage a Cocker Spaniel’s coat. By using hand-scissoring between clips, you can keep the coat at a reasonable length. As a pet owner, you need to give your Cocker Spaniel coat devotion and attention in order to give him optimal health. In the beginning, you have to be patient when working with your pet until he feels comfortable with the grooming process. However, it will become easier after some time.

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